Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, do not hesitate to send the question per email.
What features come out-of-the-box?
Here is a list with the current relevant features of cmspresso:
As well as numerous smaller features, such as: a downloads manager, ajax live search, Curriculum Vitae module, FAQ module (just like this one), social media icons, RSS feed, tell-a-friend or the call-me-back feature.

What services are included when I purchase cmspresso?
The services below are included in the package, with no additional costs whatsoever.
  • One time installation of the cmspresso system onto your website
  • Mysql(i) database installation
  • Email address installation
  • Clean and efficient website design
  • 24/7 support
  • Automatic updates
And there are also these optional services:
  • Your personal domain name + webhosting (€89,- a year)
  • Logo design (one time fee €100,-)
  • English, French, Dutch, German & Croatian language translations (one time fee upon agreement)

What can I do with this system?
You can create and publish anything, but to give you an idea, whether it is a personal portfolio, blog, a curriculum vitae, restaurant website or a film festival. It can all be done with this system.

What do I do once cmspresso is installed?
After installation, cmspresso is ready to go. The settings and design are taken care of, so all you have to do is add your content.

How about you start by creating pages in the page editor, add there your text and/or images. Or to publish pictures: create a gallery and add (unlimited) pictures. It is easy to upload, just drag pictures from your computer’s folder to the website!
Once you have your pages done, it is time to build your menu (which is optional though). Easily create a link by selecting the page, the rest is automatically done for you.
That’s it, your site has now all it needs to go live.

Alternatively, you can continue to personalize your website by changing colors or fonts (this is optional) or adding background images. There are a lot of design possibilities, but it depends on how creative you are and how important the look means to you.

Can I add new modules to cmspresso
The whole concept of cmspresso is to be a lightweight system. Having said that, there is always room to add modules to your cmspresso if you desire so (a billing system, events manager, webshop, a video publishing name a few).
It really depends on what you need, so the best thing is to contact us and tell us what you have in mind. Usually, the price for adding a module and the installation range between €50 and €250.

How does customization work?
Customization is extending cmspresso by installing new modules on top of the basic system or adding functionalities specific to your needs. But, let’s start by saying that cmspresso on itself is pretty much packed with options & possibilities. However, as everyone is unique, so is your website.
Let us know what you have in mind and let’s start customizing.

Does cmspresso work on all mobile platforms?
It should! However, keep in mind that if you manually change your layout settings, we cannot guarantee how it will work exactly. Also, technical changes on mobile platforms cannot be predicted. Hence, the way it works might change in the future. But, as soon as we know where and what to improve, your cmspresso will automatically be updated.

I need help or support!
No problem, support is a mere click away and available 24/7. Support tickets are replied within 24 hours, and are completely free of charge.
Also, Cmspresso has an extended help file, and a tips & hints section which can help you on your way.

Can I purchase cmspresso, and pay in parts?
Absolutely, you can pay in 1, 2, 3 or 4 parts. Simply let us know.

Can I try cmspresso first?
Sure you can, just send us an email and we will set things up for you straight away.